Josh Bridges

Crossfit Athlete

My name is Josh Bridges and I have been an athlete my whole life, playing in sports such as baseball, wrestling, soccer, rugby, and now crossfitting. One of my biggest strengths has always been endurance when it came to my sports. I was always able to last longer at high intensity. I never really thought I needed any sort of supplement to help me out with this side of my game, recently I injured my knee and was laid up for a bit. Once I got back into the swing of things I noticed my endurance was feeling weak, getting tired way earlier than normal, so I decided to give Extreme Endurance a try.

I had heard good things about the product so I said why not, what's the worst thing that can happen. I started taking it and I immediately noticed a difference in my recovery, I wasn't feeling sluggish in the morning after brutal workouts and I was just more excited to get in the gym. This has been a huge help do to the volume demand my craft calls for. Crossfit asks you to move heavy weights at a high intensity for a long time, so having endurance along with strength is vital.

Like I said earlier I recently suffered from a knee injury tearing 4 major ligaments in my left knee. I have put in a ton of hard work to get my self not only back to where I was before the injury, but past it. Extreme Joint 4 has helped in that process. Not only has my knee felt less pain since taking it, little nagging pains in other joints have disappeared as well.

"I won't train without it!"