What runners need to know about supplements, nutrition and lactic acid

What runners need to know about supplements, nutrition and lactic acid

The 2017 running and marathon season starts today - a New Year, new races, new challenges and new goals to achieve.

There are certain key principles that runners should follow to progress:

  • Run long to develop endurance.
  • Run fast to build speed.
  • Take recovery days as necessary.
  • Sleep well.
  • Eat a varied, low-fat diet.
  • Cross-train to prevent injury and burnout.

But there has always been one more key principle:

  • Avoid the Demon Lactic Acid, that dread substance that turns your legs into jelly.

However, respected and reasonable people are saying some nicer things about lactic acid, or at least about the lactate that is quickly produced from lactic acid.

When you're walking or running very slowly, your muscles burn modest amounts of carbohydrate and produce modest amounts of lactic acid, which doesn't do you any harm. As you run faster, however, your muscles burn more carbs and produce more lactic acid, which quickly breaks down into a good guy (lactate) and a bad guy (hydrogen ions). The hydrogen ions are bad because they lower the pH of your muscles, decreasing muscle efficiency, and causing that awful burning sensation.

BUT Xendurance is now here to help - the Xendurance formula and physical chemistry of its 9 ingredients not only assures you that it will buffer production of H+ (Hydrogen ions) and help prevent the acid buildup in your muscles, but it has also been clinically proven to increase aerobic threshold so you can work harder for a longer period of time.

Research conducted in 2016 at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette examined the effects of 10 days Xendurance on performance, buffering capacity during exercise and post exercise muscle damage, oxidative stress and inflammation.

In this a double-blind, placebo controlled, crossover study with 16 active males that assessed the total effects of Xendurance during exercise.


  • 26% Reduction in Lactic Acid,
  • 39% Reduction in Oxidative Stress
  • 6X lowering of CK Levels.

But don't just believe us - check out this customer review from Wiggle.

Amazing product for muscle soreness and tiredness

"I've been using these for a few months now and really noticed the difference they make when I ran out of tablets last week and had to do a sportive and training without them for about a week. I used to always suffer with cramp - to the point that I would be in tears with pain at night, but nothing since I started using these. They really work and I will make sure not to run out again"

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