• BUILD BUNDLE - Protein, Fuel-5, Creatine JB

BUILD BUNDLE - Protein, Fuel-5, Creatine JB

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3 Xendurance products in one Bundle, with a 10% discount.


Is a cutting edge, energy, carbohydrate formula made up of 5 different forms of fuel: 4 different types of carbohydrates, plus lactate. The proprietary blend of organic sweet potato, maltodextrin, dextrose, lactate, and sucrose is designed to give the body its preferred substrate (fuel-enzyme) to promote glycogen synthesis. Fuel-5 provides the body with several carbohydrate fuel choices to choose from and is designed to promote fast, immediate energy, as well as long, sustained energy. The blend also supports the stabilization of blood sugar levels during training by utilizing the different forms of carbohydrates. In addition, Fuel-5 has both the energy vitamins B6 and B12, electrolytes, magnesium, and calcium to help assist with cellular nutrition balance.


Provides both a lactate fuel source and a protein muscle source. Protein has 20G of Protein & 1500mg of Lactate, in one formula. Train, compete and recover with great confidence knowing that Protein gives you that added boost from our carbohydrate fuel source, lactate. Your body may transport more lactate than glucose to fuel muscles and this key muscle fuel also helps lower exercise induced body acid (H+), therefore allowing your body greater muscle recovery, repair and less muscle burn. Protein energy & recovery formula has 20 grams of our Proprietary Protein Sports Blend to protect against muscle breakdown and give you a continuing energy source. With added vitamins B6, B12, vitamin D, and electrolytes to make Protein the preferred energy and recovery formula for athletes.


Josh Bridge's Creatine-JB uses only Creapure™, 100% pure, creatine monohydrate, enhancing uptake and bioavailability, thereby allowing your muscles to quickly absorb and utilize creatine faster. Creatine can help support protein synthesis which helps muscle growth. Every scoop of Creatine-JB gives you 4 grams of 100% pure, clean creatine and 1000mg of lactate. Creatine-JB is a unique formula as it also contains the body's preferred fuel, lactate. If you train on a regular basis, your body will choose lactate over glucose (sugar) as its energy source. With 1000mg of lactate in Creatine-JB, you will feel the increase in energy, increase in strength, size and power, and you will recover faster.

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